Iqra Islamic Trust – Halal Active


Halal is an Arabic word which is used to refer to things which Allah has made lawful. Its opposite, Haram, refers to what is forbidden. These parameters have been designed for the health, safety and benefit of all mankind regardless of age, faith or culture. The realm of the Halal extends beyond the obvious reference to food and touches on all matters that relate to human life. In the commercial arena, all goods and services, markets, transactions, currencies and other activities come under the judgments of Halal and Haram. These parameters include protecting the environment, humane treatment of animals, ethical investment, the intrinsic value of currencies and fairness in all commercial transactions. It is no doubt that the emerging global Halal market will be one of the great market forces in the coming decades. It is as such of great importance that the Muslim ummah is Halal active. “Be Halal Active” is an action group project of Iqra Islamic Trust that seeks to make available general information related to Halal. These would be in the form of campaigns, multimedia presentations and symposiums.


This piece is taken from the website of the Iqra Islamic Trust.

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