Bendigo Islamic Association – More Jama’ah in Bendigo

Alhamdulillah, for the past one year, the number of Muslims brother and sister has increased. Some of them are students who study in La Trobe University. Particularly in Pharmacy, Oral Health and Destistry. They live in Melbourne but in weekdays they stay in Bendigo to study. The rest are some GPs and destists. Mostly they are coming from Pakistan and India. They are working in some hospital and private clinics here. There is also a Malaysian dentist who come last February. Recently, a Malaysian family just moved to Bendigo. The husband is aiming to study in La Trobe in religious study.

As a conseqeunce, the Musholla cannot fully accommodate all the jamaah if they come to pray together. For this month alone, around 25 people are attending the pray every week which creates crowded. This is good, but certainly in the future we need solution to solve this. Because ramadhan is coming, and insha Allah some brothers and sisters will join with their families in tarawih and we need more space.

Insha Allah, we will try to propose our own Mosque in Bendigo.     


This piece is taken from the website of the Bendigo Islamic Association.

See on-line at: 

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