Bendigo Islamic Association – Prayer Room Photos

The main entrance of prayer room. It’s in the room 2.12 in the corridor between Student Support Services and Computer Hall in Old Engineering Building. There is a cupboard beside the door to store shoes and sandals.


This is the prayer space for Ikhwan (Male). The capacity is about 20-25 jama’ah. The Jum’ah prayer is held here and usually attended by five to ten jama’ah.


The prayer space for akhwat (female) with capacity approximately 5-10 jama’ah. It is located in same room with Ikhwan and equipped with several muke’na and sajadah.


Some collection of Koran and Islamic Books.


Kitchen facility such Microwave, Fridge and Water Tap for drink. There are also some glasses and plates to use. Therefore moslem students can use this facility during the break.

The Ablution Room is located separately for male and female. For male the ablution room is inside male toilet in front of computer hall. For female the ablution room is inside the disable person toilet, opposite the prayer room.


This piece is taken from the website of the Bendigo Islamic Association.

See on-line at:





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